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About Us

Well, 'us' is really me, Buck Moore. I have friends and associates who help me with my media projects, so there really is an 'us', but I spend the most time at this site.

I have been working in the audio for media industry since 1996 and began creating custom sound effects in 1998 for Carl Bessai on some of his projects. I then worked on various media projects (TV, film, web, plays) helping people with their soundtracks, from creating custom effects to cleaning up their audio.

I got back into film making with the arrival of digital video and have written, directed and edited quite a few projects from 30 seconds to 40 minutes long (I went to Sheridan College in 1985 for animated film making, but I didn't like the tools available then - way too cumbersome to be creative).

I began instructing at a career college in 2001 and have been there since, part time, teaching sound design and film making techniques - sound effects creation, sound editing, dialogue editing & cinematography. My goal in sound design is to help people get the best scary sounds possible into their film and video projects. Since my focus in sound design is horror & sci-fi, you can be sure to get some of the most effective sounds possible.

Buck Moore

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